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Holliston Midwest Ex Pens

Holliston Midwest Ex Pens

When you need a way to contain your pet for short periods indoors or out, a Midwest Ex Pen or exercise pen is often an excellent tool to use. Midwest is the leading brand for ex pens for good reason; they are high quality and easy-to-use. Midwest ex pens can be used to contain a puppy for potty training, or an adult dog for safe bathroom breaks in a place where a fenced in area is not available. They are also great for exercising bunnies with supervision. Midwest ex pens come in a variety of heights and more than one can be connected for more exercise area. Portable and simple to use, you can bring an ex pen to your vacation home to block access to rooms or contain your dog in a new environment. These versatile ex pens are extremely useful and are available in our Holliston area store.

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